Ten Ways That You Can Beat The Odds While At The Casino

Determine Who the Clumsiest Dealers Are
It’s estimated that there are approximately fewer than 100 professional blackjack card counters across the entire world. There’s also a very good chance that you could obtain a small advantage in your overall game if you happen to be one of them. This means that you should save your energy and determine who the clumsiest dealers are, such as who may accidentally flash what’s supposed to be the face-down card.

Always Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Many casinos as of late have decided to “sex up” a lot of their gaming tables with factors including pole dancers. These areas, known as Party Pits, truly give them a real Las Vegas feel; however, they also distract you from the fact that the overall payouts have gone down as well, from 3/2 to 6/5.

Know When Enough is Enough
In terms of games such as roulette, you always have a decent chance of winning on the first few spins. However, if you spent all of your time playing this one game, the house would end up taking away all of your chips. This means that whenever you find yourself on a winning streak, stop and walk away because at that point in time, that’s a surefire sign that enough is enough.

Take Advantage of the Laws of Nature
Roulette wheels are essentially instruments that, as time goes on, could become unbalanced and suffer general wear and tear, especially the frets that keep all of the numbers separated. As this happens, you could use this to your advantage when it comes to certain numbers, thereby helping you win your game.

Always Go Big or Go Broke
On average, slot machines generally cost two to three times more money to play than table games do. If you insist on playing them, however, try focusing more on playing ones that cost $5 or more, and always bet the max amount whenever you do. If you were to stick to playing only penny slots, you would find that the odds are increased in favor of the house, generally by approximately 15% to 20%.

Stay Away from Keno
Literally speaking, your chances at winning this kind of game are nothing more than horrible. Many casinos actually give themselves a decent advantage, and furthermore, no player has ever been successful at matching every number on a single ticket.

Keep in Mind that Practice Makes Perfect
Any exception to the house always winning can be found in video poker. Generally, in this game, the house only has a less-than-1% advantage. The payout, which is always posted directly on the machine, is typically high as well; however, the main catch is that you always need to play on an expert level in order to successfully cash out. The main reason that casinos are able to make a profit on video poker is because some of the people who play the game just aren’t good enough at it. Therefore, it pays to practice as much as you possibly can.

Avoid the Light
Approximately 90% of those who walk into a casino truly have no idea of all of the odds that are stacked up against them. On the other hand, if you’re already aware of what you’re looking for, then you’ll likely already know where the worst odds are. Every casino always features game that are extremely flashy – these are games where the odds are always the worst. To make sure that you always have the best odds at winning any amount of money, stick to the more dull side of the room rather than the flashier side.

Always Wear a Watch
If you pay close enough attention, you’ll find that a vast majority of casinos don’t have any windows or clocks inside them, and chances are you’ll likely wonder why. The reason for this is because they purposely want you to lose track of the time so that you’ll always play their games for as long as you possibly can. This makes it a good idea to always consider wearing a watch whenever you plan to go to a casino.

Purchase Your Own Drinks
Chances are you’ve likely heard the phrase “nothing is free” at some point in your life. This is something that’s most definitely true when it comes to casinos, all the way down to what’s supposed to be the free alcohol. Every casino has what’s referred to as a “player reinvestment fund,” which is designed to predict how much money you’re likely lose before the casino returns it to you as comps, which includes perks such as free alcohol.